Hunnarbaaz! Skilled To Win! EP # 15 Part 02

Hunnarbaaz! Skilled To Win! EP # 15 Part 02
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Hunnarbaaz! Skilled To Win! EP # 15 Part 02
Away from the earth, yet connecting mankind like no other, through television, mobile and the internet, the world has become one borderless entity with satellite communication technology.

This week, meet Padma Bhushan awardee Shri Ajai Chowdhry, co-founder of IT giant- HCL, Chairman of Electronics Hardware Sector Skills Council, NSDC and the man who popularized computer technology across India! Watch robotics become fun, with Funfirst Robotics! Enter the electrifying world of electronics and communication, with contestants from HCL fix mobiles and contenders from Funfirst play with satellites to assemble dish antennae. Discover a unique simulation technology by
LeadInvent, which develops therapies for high unmet medical needs!

A pioneering reality TV show that spotlights skills and innovations.
Watch it every sunday on DD-National at 11 am
The show will help millions of young Indians become aware of the various ways in which they can upgrade their skills, become employable and commercially utilize their inventive genius to provide for themselves.

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