Hunnarbaaz! Skilled to Win! Ep #19 Part 01

Hunnarbaaz! Skilled to Win! Ep #19 Part 01
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Hunnarbaaz! Skilled to Win! Ep #19 Part 01
When the patterned beauty of Handlooms is woven with the intricate artistry of Handicrafts, a colourful tapestry of love, labour and culture emerges to exhibit the different shades of our rich Indian heritage.

This week, in our Handlooms & Handicrafts episode, watch skilled craftsmen from Mother Earth & artisanal weavers from Access Livelihood Consulting Pvt. Ltd. display their genius in two artistically captivating competitions! Witness the marriage of traditional craftsmanship & contemporary living, with Kunal Sachdev from Caravan Craft Retail Pvt Ltd! The fashion mogul behind some of the most dynamic designs on Indian ramp, James Ferreira welcomes you to his paradise in Khotachiwadi!

A pioneering reality TV show that spotlights skills and innovations.
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The show will help millions of young Indians become aware of the various ways in which they can upgrade their skills, become employable and commercially utilize their inventive genius to provide for themselves.

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